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Quelle est la cause de l'inflammation et des rougeurs faciales ?

Un teint rosé et des joues rouges en pleine santé n'ont rien d'embarrassant. Cependant lorsque les rougeurs commencent à vous affecter psychologiquement, cela vaut la peine d'en explorer l'origine. Sachant qu'il existe d'innombrables causes d'inflammation et de rougeur, il est logique d'identifier vos facteurs déclencheurs personnels...

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What could be causing my redness and inflammation?


A common cause of redness on the face is acne. Acne spots can sometimes be an angry red colour which are painful when touched. Acne can also leave red marks on the skin once spots have faded, this discolouration is the result of damage to deeper layers of the skin and a breakdown of the skin’s support structure.


Perhaps the most widely documented cause of redness is Rosacea. A surprisingly common condition, Rosacea can appear as flushing, prolonged redness and visible blood vessels.

Sensitive skin and allergic reactions:

Sensitive skin can be prone to redness if it comes into contact with irritating ingredients. Irritants range from things in our wash bag to the detergent we are using. Often using a lot of differing products can have an adverse reaction on our skin. If certain products are stinging or burning it may suggest an allergic reaction and a doctor should be consulted.


Eczema is usually thought of as a condition that affects the body, but it also makes an appearance on our faces. During winter months eczema often becomes worse as the skin dries out.

Spicy Food, hot food, and hot drinks:

It’s true, spicy foods could be causing your facial redness! For those with quite extreme sensitivity, a reaction to food and drinks you are having could be the cause of your redness. Eating certain foods may be resulting in blood flow increasing in and around your face, as a result you may experience flushing and redness. If this is the case, you should seek medical advice, to be sure that this isn’t a sign of a more severe allergic reaction.


If you are suffering from Rosacea there are a number of factors that could be impacting your redness. Identifying what is triggering your redness is key to treating it. Exposure to sunlight, stress, strenuous exercise, caffeine, and dairy products are all known triggers of facial inflammation.

With a list this long of what could be causing your redness, it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed. Next time you feel or see redness check off the list of triggers to start narrowing down what bothers your skin and leaves it flushed!

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